An American Marriage

Hello all. I previously blogged , So, What are You Reading. Here, I mentioned the one of the books I am presently reading during this Coronavirus lockdown. The book is the winner of the Women’s Prize for Fiction 2019-Tayari Jones’ An American Marriage.

So, where was I.

When Roy is released from prison, he and Andre meet. It actually happened accidentally. Andre phoned Roys dads house with the intention of speaking to Roy’s dad . Fortunately or unfortunately, Roy picked up the phone. At this point , I put down the book and thought,’okay so what’s going to happen now?’ It was like pressing the pause button whilst watching a TV programme as a suspense part came along. As the book progresses, are quite a few revelations. Such as, the adoptive father knew about Roy meeting his biological father in prison.

In my opinion, Celestial may have been faithful to Roy. If she knew that he would only spend five years in prison she may have been patient. She became unfaithful after 3 years with the expectation that he was going to spend 12 years. Or maybe she realised she was not as in love with him as when she initially married him. Could seeing him after so many years resurrect their ‘American Marriage ‘.

The journey is much easier when you know the destination and you are sure of the foundation of your relationship. Did Andre valued his personal feelings over morals? Roy is his best friend and. Andre now had a decision to make. A decision which may affect the lives of different people. The onus was not solely on him . Celestial also had decisions to make shall. Should she go back to her Roy or should she go with Andre. If you want to know everyone’s decision please read the book.

Now that I have completed An American Marriage, I shall now start reading Colson Whitbreads Underground Railroad and I will get back to you.

Thanks for reading and stay safe

Bunmi A-K

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