About Me

Welcome guys  and  thank you for visiting my site. As you can all tell from the name of the site I am Bunmi Anjorin-Kogbe -lover of books and writing.
So you are most probably wondering what is it all about. Well if you are sitting comfortably let me tell you.
It is about fiction, non-fiction and everything that catches my attention. It’s not only the vehicle of writing which I am interested in; it’s also the various and diverse type of content which can be produced,.
My love for books began at a young age. Every Saturday I would be in our local library, rummaging through the rows of books. We were only allowed to borrow 4 books a week and I would leave the library with the eagerness to get home and embark on my weekly book allowance. However, these four books would not be enough. So you can imagine my utter joy when I graduated to the adult library and my allowance increased to six books a week. This incessant reading also led to writing.

Whether it was to keep me occupied or to develop my writing skills;  every time I went on a school trip the next day or soon after I would write about the trip. I use to consider it as an imposition but now I see the benefit of all those little writing projects. This has evolved into my love of writing short stories and I have written for various magazines , including Brittle Paper.

As previously mentioned, I enjoy reading .You may wonder what my genre is? I don’t think I can actually restrict myself to particular one. However, I can be a bit partial to African literature and African writers in the diaspora. But I do not  limit myself to this so if I come across a book which has been, shortlisted, long-listed  or won for an award I am automatically attracted to it.  I am not biased so I can pick up any book, read the blurb and immediately fall in love with it.

This site will also be about what I discover on my literary journey from authors,books, reviews and many more. As well as having a section which deal with this topics I will also be running a blog which may talk about anything and everything.

So sit tight and enjoy.
Please feel free to comment