So,What are you reading?

Readers will get a good read and writers will get a good write whilst the most of the world is in a coronavirus lockdown. So what are you reading at the moment?

I decided to organise my reading at the beginning of this year. So, I am aiming to read in a more intentional way and not haphazardly. With this in mind I opted for the genre of African American Literature. I chose this genre out of guilt because I had not yet read any of Toni Morrison’s works. After reading Beloved my interest in this genre increased. I then moved on to read Zora Neale Hurston Their Eyes were Watching God

Fortunately, about a week before the lockdown I ordered two books from the library. Colson Whiteheads’ The Underground Railroad and Tayari Jones An American Marriage . I started with An American Marriage. Because I am able to read much more that I normally do on my commute to and from work, I am about half way into the book . At this rate, maybe the books will not last the lockdown.

American Marriage centres on Roy and Celestial. They are a young couple, who meet at university and are faced with a life changing situation 18 months into their marriage . Roy is sentenced to 12 years in the prison after being accused and convicted of rape.

He spends 5 years of the 12 years.

However, during his time in prison Celestial states she no longer wants to be his wife, but is still willing to be his ‘friend’. It is later on revealed that she and his best friend, Andre, have decided to be a couple and they become engaged. But Roy is not privy to this. After being released from prison his father is there to pick him up. Oh I forgot to mention , whilst he was in prison he was cellmates with his biological father. So he now has two fathers in his life,

So this is the part I am up to.

Well I look forward to how it unravels when Roy, Celestial and Andre meet post prison release. Also, whether there is any conflict of loyalty between the biological and adoptive father. I am only half way through this book but I definitely recommend it.

When I finish the book it I shall get back to you.

So, what book are you reading during this CoronaVirus lockdown, and whatever it is, would you recommend it? Let me know.

Thanks for reading and stay safe

Bunmi A-K

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