Reading Slump-5 ways to get out.

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A reading slump can unknowingly creep up on you. Over the past months I have not read as many books as I normally do. I believe this is highly because I have been working from home and cut out my journey to and from work. My daily commute use to be my special time for reading. I would whip out a book to read with disregard to how congested the train was. I have completed many books this way. But then I fell into a slump. But now, with intention, I am gradully coming out of this slump.

So how did I resurrect from this reading slump?

Set Aside a Particular Time

As previously mentioned, I always read on the train. To replace this ,I now make sure that the last thing I do before I go to sleep is read. A book is placed on my bedside table. By doing this, even if I wanted to, It makes it difficult to avoid reading. After I did this for quite few consecutive nights I began looking forward to my nightly reads nd i grudually increased the amount of books I read.

So try and set aside the same time everyday and you will gradually get out of that slump.

Attend online Literary Festivals

Mainly due to distance, I attend about two literary festivals every year. However, during this lock down I have attended so many . Festivals I am so sure ,under normal circumstances, I would not have been able to attend. The virtual Literary Festivals I have attended include VLF Book Festival, Afro Sans Frontieres Festival, and Edinburgh International Book Festival.These festival have given me a wider exposure to books which I may never have had the chance to reach if I had attended my usual two festivals.

Follow like Minded People

To be honest, I am not a Social Media guru. This may be because I have lived longer in a world without social media than one with it. However, during this lock down period, I have upped my game concerning social media activity. Through, following and connecting with people with the same interest I have been opened up to books. New books which I have added to my reading list. These could be books which in a ‘actual’ situation I may not have come across.

Patronise a Library

Libraries are opening up and they are a great wy to get out of a reading slump. When I borrow a book I am aware there is a deadline by which the book has to be returned. With this in mind I am prompted to quickly read it. On the other hand , when I purchase a book I say to myself

‘I wilI read it later’

Because of this ,I have book on my bookcase which I have bought but have not yet read.

Listen to Audio Books

When we are reading book we are all guilty of skipping some of the words.However, when you are listening to one you not a single word will be missed. If you find it too strenuous to pick p a book and read, then listen to one. The benefit of audio books is you can listen to them on the go, or laying down. This may help drag you out of that reading slump and increase your reading tally.

Thanks for reading.

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