Tips of my Father

Its fathers day again and we need to appreciate all the fathers out there. Their words of wisdom, although given in love, are sometimes disregarded and not always taken on board. We can’t deny that it tends to go in one ear and out of the other. However, as we grow older; we realise how reasonable these tips are. Also, how we have knowingly, or unknowingly, put some of them into practice.

So in honor of fathers day and all the fathers out there let me share some tips which my father instilled in me.

  • As you walk away from your car always look back. This is just in case you have left your lights on.
  • If you are cooking and the phone rings, always lower the gas. If your phone-call goes on longer than you expected, the food will not burn.
  • When you are walking on the street late at night do not wear dark clothes. Motorist may not see you when you are crossing the road. Therefore totally avoid the dark colours. However, if it is unavoidable carry something which is of a light colour e.g. a light coloured bag.
  • Always have some loose change in the car. You may need to make an emergency phone-call during your journey. This was before the invention of mobile phones.
  • There is a place for everything and everything has a place. Put everything bag in its original place. If you are woken up in the middle of the night and asked for the whereabouts of a particular item you should know where it is.
  • Always have a pen and paper in the car. You may get into an accident and may need to write down the other drivers details.
  • When you have an appointment aim to get there about 30 minutes earlier, giving allowance for any eventualities on the way.
  • Before leaving for work in the morning always listen to the local news. This will give you an idea of the situation in your area and prepare you for any eventualities.
  • Do not give way to gluttony. All that waste of money on food could be used to build or buy a house . Do not,metaphorically build a house in your stomach.
  • When you open a letter open it neatly and with care…you may not like the contents. if that is the case then you can reseal it and do a ‘Return to Sender’.
  • Always have an A-Z Road Maps in your car. Way before Google Map and Waze was invented. The reason that if you get lost you will not have to stop in awkward places to ask people for directions.
  • At the beginning of the month/payday fill you petrol tank to the top. Thereafter, every Monday top it up with £10. The result will be that you will always have petrol in the tank and this prevents you from running out/or low of petrol
  • A week is a long time in Politics- don’t give up early on an issue. Anything can happen.

So, to all you fathers out there, we appreciate your tips and advice. We do not take you for granted.

Happy Fathers Day

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