African Love and African Stories.

African Love Stories, An Anthology, edited by Ama Ata Aidoo is a collection of love stories written by women.

It has been said that women needs to be shown that they are loved. A man just needs to be told.

African love stories??? ‘ I understand ‘African Stories’ and I understand ‘Love stories’. However, when I see ‘African’ and ‘love’ in the same title, I need to get my head around it.

Eleanor Roosevelt said ‘the giving of love is an education in itself.’

Don’t get me wrong I know that everyone can give and receive love. I remember when I was younger, to me, the older generation of Africans were void of emotions and love. Marriage was only out of a duty to procreate. I am just saying that I do not see the older generation of Africans as being romantic. They tend to be more conservative concerning their love life .

So, this is the reason I was initially a bit surprised when I came across this book. It is not a book of sexual or erotica. It is,on the other hand, a book which sees the open hearts of these women.  This book is not a collection of stories based only on the romantic type of love. In this anthology love is a wide umbrella. It shelters many facets of love, love which can be taken for granted.

Evident in the book is the unconditional love of a woman to her husband who physically abuses her. It also shows the reaction of Africans to interracial marriage. Or a mothers attempt to marry off her daughter to a rich old man because sees it as an escape from poverty for them.

Therefore, Valentine should be a period when we also focus on everyday life issues. Issues as seen through the eyes of the women in this book.

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